more sports

We need some more sports equipment so we can have more active fun!


A lot of kids are wrecking mostly all the sports equipment by letting the air out of balls and throwing the balls over the fence. It’s not fun that the soccer ball goes right through the soccer goal and you have to get it. The soccer goals are also small so it’s hard to score a goal. It’s also not fun when you want to play a fun game of football with a flat footy. Who enjoys throwing a flat basketball in the hoop and getting it stuck in the ring?  


Kids LOVE new equipment. Kids love new equipment so much that it motivates them and gets them really active. It’s very fun to use because it actually works so you can play a real game of soccer, basketball or netball. It’s a lot easier to play with the equipment since it actually goes somewhere instead of fall to the ground.


We also need some rules for the sports equipment. The kids need to treat the sports equipment like it’s their own. They should play with it in a responsible way. They bring the sports equipment back to their class instead of throwing it away when they’re finished with it. We could make a fundraiser to get the money to buy the equipment


So if you get more sports equipment, then we can have a better and more fun school!!!